A Chicago native, Homer spent six years at both the Vidal Sassoon Academy and Hair salon in Chicago and Los Angeles. In 1997, he joined fellow Vidal Sassoon protégés Jim Wayne & Wolf at Jim Wayne Salon.

Homer believes the key to his clients' happiness lies within his inimitable ability to tap into and encourage the expression of each client's individuality. "I'm not afraid to be an individual and I'm not shy about helping my clients express their uniqueness. I have a very diverse clientele and get along with everybody." 

An artist through and through, Homer continues to dance and model, always innovating, always creating. His latest and greatest venture is his very own HOMER CUTS BEARD OIL that has gained a large cult following and is a must for every mustachioed adventurer.

From movie stars to models to hipsters and cool moms, Homer sees everyone as a beautiful canvas ready to go to the next level.