Octavia's innovative concepts have been keeping the skin of Hollywood celebrities youthful-looking and healthy for years. Raised by her herbalist grandmother in a small agricultural village in southern Italy, Octavia was taught the healing properties of herbs at an early age. The use of flowers, plants, and herbs to soothe, purify, and rejuvenate the skin is a legacy that dates back thousands of years, she says.

Her holistic approach pampers and replenishes the body, mind, and spirit. Step inside her sanctuary for an experience imbued in wisdom, enlighten, and beauty. An exhilarating blend of essential oils will great your senses, enveloping you in a feeling of well being as you surrender to the tranquility and allow the opportunity to heal.

Passionate about educating the public on skin care, octavia has dedicated her life to the well-being of her clients. Octavias vigilant research has lead to the creation of her own revolutionary product line that is transforming the way men and women care for their skin. The line is made from the highest quality aromatherapy and fruit enzyme ingredients and is completely free of the cancer-causing agents found in the majority of products. I am constantly studying, reading, and researching, says Octavia. After 32 years of experience, I can look at a face and know which nutrients the body is or is not receiving and exactly what my client is eatingbasically, I can tell a lot about someones lifestyle and advise from there.